Kutawagan Drainage System Restoration – Hydrologic Study

KGS Group’s Hydraulic Modelling Study and Hydrological Assessment (HMS) of the proposed Kutawagan Drainage System Restoration (KDSR) project. This project, as proposed by the QLWA, consists of undertaking restoration works within the Kutawagan Drainage System such that local runoff could be directed towards Saline Creek instead of the Quill Lakes, in a controlled and environmentally responsible manner, to help mitigate high water levels in the Quill Lakes.

The KDSR project would involve channel excavation works, construction of a water control structure at the spill point, potential upgrades to the Pel Lake Ducks Unlimited control structure, and upgrades or replacements to numerous hydraulic structures and culvert crossings.

Full study results are available below:

KDSR Hydrologic Study completed by KGS Group 



The Economic Impacts of crops

Learn exactly how much of the crop loss due to flooding is impacting our economy

Economic Impacts of crops.pdf

Quill Lakes Flood Mitigation Assessment- Golder Report

Final report issued in January 2015 by Golder Associates that assesses the issue of flood mitigation

Golder Report-Quill Lakes Flood Mitigation (FINAL).pdf

KGS Group – Flood Mitigation Report

The Water Security Agency engaged KGS Group Consulting Engineers to produce a flood mitigation report. The report details various flood mitigation options, describes the models used to simulate the options, and provides model results. Each option was evaluated using an evaluation model.

The Full report can be viewed on the WSA website. Click to view.